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BEHOLD, the first images of the 4th Generation TOYOTA PRIUS!! Published in Holiday Auto magazine, the Toyota Prius is slated in JAPAN for a Spring 2015 release date. Project Code Name: 690A. 20% improvement in overall efficiency!! The new 4G PRIUS will be the same size, but be LIGHTER, have a NEW SMALLER  HYBRID SYSTEM with a LOWER CENTER OF GRAVITY. An optional 4WD SYSTEM will also be available.   The concept is to return to its roots by focusing  advanced technology and innovative technology. Toyota wants to shake the mass produced, dull image of today and replace it with the original “tech savvy” leading-trend image. Therefore,  future mass sales will be the job of the Prius C ( or Aqua in Japan) . Toyota wants the new Prius to symbolize highly advanced technology innovation and fuel economy and is willing steer away from the current masses if necessary. The new Prius will once again aim to be an innovator. Not just an improvement on the 3G, but a new tool to offer different ways to live a Hybrid Lifestyle.  The new Prius is rumored to keep an upgraded version of the same 1.8 liter 2ZR-FXE, but it will be mated to a brand new hybrid system. Some of the key patents on the current THS (Toyota Hybrid System) will expire in 2013 so the new hybrid system will have several new technologies. The inverters and motors will be smaller and more powerful. The power converting system will also go through improvements for more efficiency. Batteries will most likely be lithium but Toyota is still considering other options . The engine will be mounted closer to the firewall and be slanted. The interior is to have a touch panel interface showcasing the latest technology. Dials and buttons are said to be kept to a minimum. A NEW 4WD system, called the   e-4WD will be used mostly for snow situations. The system will stay in 4WD up to 60m/k, then switch to FWD after that. The rear suspension will also change from torsion beams to Double Wishbone suspension for better stability and cargo space. Cargo space is said to improve by 500 liters worth. (Approx. 4 golfbags) The current chassis frame is called “SHIN-MC 新MC” while new frame will be called TYPE C. The TYPE C platform is one of several new platforms in the new TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) From the side, the new low hood line changes the former wedge style design concept of the 3G thanks in part to the new, smaller THS system . While the overall length of the car is supposed to be the same as the 3G,  the measurements in the circles above show the amount of change from the current ZVW30 model. All pics are courtesy of Holiday Auto magazine.

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